31/3/2020 : Rainbow

I am sure you are all aware of how our Nurses, Doctors and NHS staff are all working extremly hard to help people to get better and to give us advice about keeping safe and well. To show our appreciation I stood outside on my street, last Thursday with my neighbours and gave them a big, big clap. I’m sure you may have also thanked them by joining in, but there is another way that you show how grateful you are.

I would like you to draw, paint or colour in a rainbow with a message

Thank you NHS, Stay Safe or your own message

and if you can, display it in your window so that other people, on their daily walk, or a post man or woman can see it and it will make them smile!

Remember our Jigsaw sessions in class when we all talk about our feelings and how we can spread a smile, simply by smiling at each other!