4C class assembly

In class we have been learning about Norse mythology and our class assembly was about some of the stories.  It was very clever as we acted out the stories behind a white sheet with a light behind us so that we appeared as shadows while a narrator was telling the story. 

The introduction was Odin walking along the beach and he changed two logs into people. 

The next story was about Thor who noticed that his wife was bored with Loki’s tricks, and he blamed Loki.  Loki thinks that he will take some new hair to Thor’s wife to say he’s sorry.  He sets some challenges to two sets of dwarves to make treasures fit for the gods.  The first two dwarves made a spear and some golden hair for Thor’s wife.  The second two dwarves said if they won the challenge then they would cut off Loki’s head which was a bit worrying.  So he changed himself into a fly and bit one of the dwarf’s hands so that they wouldn’t win.  This second set of dwarves made a hammer for Thor which would hit the target and return to Thor and they made a golden armband for Odin.  Loki started to panic so he said that they couldn’t cut off his neck.  They got annoyed so Odin said the dwarves could stitch Loki’s lips together. 

Odin dreamt that the Loki’s children would be the death of him so he asked for the children to be brought to him.  The first child was a sea serpent who Odin made go into the sea.  The second child was a girl, one side of whom was rotten and the other side was rotten and dead, so she was made the ruler of Helheim.  The third child was a wolf which grew really big so Odin wanted to imprison him.  Thor made a chain which they put over the wolf, but the wolf broke free.  Then the dwarves made a ribbon to put over the wolf and he didn’t break free.  The gods then took the wolf to a cave and tied him to a big rock. 

We really enjoyed the stories in class and we were very interested in the ways the shadows were projected.  Our parents like our presentation.

George and Siri
Year 4