After school clubs

We are very lucky to have many after-school activities and these are some of them:


We have two football coaches who come to train us after school on Tuesdays.  We compete in tournaments and cup games.  We are currently through to the quarter finals in the Enfield Primary Schools Cup and the match will be played next month at Southgate School.  As well as competing for the Cup, we play in a league every month.  We are currently top, having won three matches and drawn one, but we need to win four more matches to actually win the league.


We play tag rugby in the winter on Tuesdays after school.  However, we don’t play at the beginning of the spring term as the ground is too hard.  We have been training for a tournament which will start in the summer.  We have a lot to live up to as St Paul’s won the cup last year, so we know we must work hard, but we all enjoy playing.

Girls’ football

We play every Monday after school and Mr Crouch trains us.  Each session, we begin by warming up.  First we run round the field, then we practice passes and shooting.  Then we pick teams and play a small match, but we make sure everybody is included and help each other out.  In the last tournament we played against St Andrews who we beat 4-0.  We also played against Merryhills who we beat 2-1.  They are a very strong team so we are really proud of what we’ve achieved.


The netball club plays every Wednesday after school and Years 4, 5 and 6 participate.  First, we have a warm up, passing and throwing the ball and we do different exercises.  There are two netball courts on the playground, but there are so many of us in the club that we have to divide into three groups.  Two groups will be playing a little match while the third group is carrying on warming up.  Then we all change over so everybody gets to play.  We have matches against other schools – we played Garfield and we are pleased to say that we beat them.  We have a great deal of fun and Mrs Perrin helps us to improve.


We have chess club on Fridays after school.  We meet in a classroom, but if the weather is good we go into the quadrangle.

Computer club

Computer club is on a Monday with Mr Nutting.  This is so interesting as he has taught us how a computer works and we actually got to build one.  We really enjoyed this.  We also do coding which is also interesting.


Mrs Smith runs the choir and we meet up on Wednesdays.  We get to sing many songs and we spend time perfecting them.  Recently, we have been rehearsing for Proms Praise which is where children from many schools join together and give a performance in the Royal Albert Hall, which we are looking forward to.  We have done several concerts: we did a Christmas concert in the hall for our parents to see, we sang at the Christmas Fayre and we also performed in Holy Trinity Church hall.


We meet on Tuesdays after school and we do improvisations.  We are put into small groups and we have a script book with different scenarios which we act out to the other groups.  It’s great fun.


There is a French Club after school, because we only learn Spanish in school time.  There are classes for all year groups, starting from Year 1.  We look at various topics over the course of a few weeks.  For example, our current topic is about food.  We are therefore learning vocabulary, we are talking about it in the session and we get to play games about that particular topic.  The teachers are very nice and we have lots of fun at the same time as learning the language.

Jack, Jasmin, Joel, Katie, Mason, Monty and Oscar