Arts Week

On Monday we made felt glove puppets and it was quite hard.  We had to pick a character or animal.  We put water and soap onto coloured wool and we folded it into the template.  We rolled it up like a sausage in bubble wrap.  Then we opened it out and we had different items to put on our puppets, like eyes.  Then we rubbed more soap and water onto the wool and rolled it up again in bubble wrap.  We then unrolled them, took out the template and we are going let them dry out.  They may go into the Arts Exhibition and then we will take them home.  It was fun because we did it on our own.  It was quite tricky but it was easy when we go the hang of it. 

One day we did Samba drumming which was really fun because we got to try different Brazilian drums and clap our hands to different rhythms. 

On Wednesday, the class split up and we did different things with different teachers.  Some of the activities we did included computer art, making animals, making a Mexican mask and painting using different types of paint. 

Today we were in the hall and we acted out different parts in the Lion King and then we danced to music from the Lion King. 

Arts week is really good as we did lots of different things and it was really fun.  We thank Miss Patsalis for arranging all the nice things that we’ve done in arts week. 

Jamie and Ruby
Year 2