Arts Week

In Arts Week, we have done loads of different things.  On Monday we created Islamic tiles.  First we drew out our tiles in our sketch books, then we rolled out the clay and cut round a square template to make the tile.  With the bits of clay left over, we cut round different shapes and then placed them on our tile.  Then we added detail and patterns on the tile to make a nice effect.  We think they may be going in the kiln today. 

Making the tiles was hard in some parts and then it got easier.  It was fun to mould and use the shapes to cut around.  We thought it was going to be tough to roll out the clay, but it was actually quite easy.  We had fun making them. 

We did Chinese Dragon dancing on one day.  We had fans and danced a routine with them.  Then we got into house groups and one person was the leader who was the head of the dragon and the rest of the group were the body of the dragon.  We paraded round the room.  It was fun experiencing something which Chinese people do.  They normally have 40 people in a dragon but we had about 6. 

We also did street dancing with Leon who taught us a routine.  Then we created a routine by ourselves which we added into the dance.  We chose a partner who we wouldn’t normally work with and Leon taught us another routine.  It was a great experience because some of us had never done street dance or would not normally choose to do this activity, but it was great. 

One of the other things we have done is pop art, where we had a photo taken of ourselves and then we traced the outline of our main features and used bright colours to fill our faces in. 

Arts week has been fun.  We’ve had lots of new experiences and gained different knowledge through all our activities.  We feel Miss Patsalis has done an amazing job putting it all together. 

Abi and Alfie
Year 4