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WE Walk for Water

WE is an international organisation that aims to help improve lives in developing nations through providing access to education, health, food, water and opportunity and we raise funds for this every year.

One of the ways that WE attempts to improve conditions is to provide a well for communities. Woman and girls can walk up to 7 miles every day just to get water for their families, and girls under 15 are more likely to be carrying the water. Because of the time it takes every day, these girls are missing out on their schooling. In addition, the water can be contaminated and many thousands of children die because they drink this contaminated water. Also children miss out on their schooling because they become ill through drinking contaminated water.

As a school we decided to get involved with the WE Walk for Water campaign. We all walked round the school for up to 18 laps, which is nothing like as far as some of these children who can be as young as 5 years old as they have to do this several times each day. For us to have a more realistic experience, we did not have anything to drink ourselves whilst we were walking as the children in these developing countries who are carrying the really heavy load of water on their heads or backs in the boiling heat are not able to drink on their way back home. We each brought in to school at least £2 and we hope that this money will go a long way to building a well in a village.

We feel really lucky that we do not have to struggle to get water. We were pleased that we did the walk because it will help these children and we will have made a difference.

Hannah and Mabel
Year 6

Christmas at St Paul’s

Christmas is a special time at St Paul’s and we have loads of wonderful Christmas activities.  We have lots of decorations in the school.  There is a Christmas tree in the entrance hall and in the hall there are hoops hanging from the ceiling which we have decorated with many different Christmassy things including penguins, gingerbread men, angels and stars.  Year 6 also made some angel decorations for the Christmas tree festival in St John’s Church.  There is a post box next to the Christmas tree where we post our cards to our friends.  The house captains then have a very big job delivering everybody’s post to each class. 

We had a KS1 pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk, for which we had been rehearsing for a long time, but before that was the Reception classes’ Nativity, which we all enjoyed watching and it reminded us of the time when we did the Nativity. 

Both of St Paul’s choirs and St Paul’s orchestra have been busy rehearsing.  We have had two Christingle services, one in the afternoon for KS1, at which the Y2 choir sang, and the other in the early evening for KS2 where the junior choir and orchestra performed.  Father Daniel led the services and he had a teddy bear which he called Father Bear.  Father Bear tried to make a Christingle, but he used a banana instead of an orange, a purple ribbon instead of red, Brussel sprouts instead of sweets and a sandal instead of a candle.  We all found it really funny and then Father Daniel went on to refresh our memories of what the Christingle orange represents. 

We have also performed at our Christmas Fayre and Holy Trinity’s Christmas Fayre and will be performing for the Memory Club at St Peter’s.  We will also be performing at the Countdown to Christmas concert where we sing Christmas songs for our parents, staff and governors.  We all wear Christmas hats and it is a lovely evening. 

We also wore Christmas hats at our Christmas lunch, as did the kitchen staff.  Some of our hats were very funny.  One was a chicken which played songs and flapped its legs.  Lunch was really delicious.  We had turkey and Christmas ice-cream and felt really full afterwards. 

On the last day of term we will be having a pantomime which we are really looking forward to.  We have one every year and it’s always lots of fun. 

Christmas at St Paul’s is fun-packed and very full with all the activities that we do.  All the staff always make an effort to make it a wonderful time for us all and we are very very lucky. 

Happy Christmas! 

Amy, Archie, Giselle and Olivia
Year 2 and Year 6