Bar modelling is a tool which is used for solving mathematical problems by making them more visual and therefore easier to understand.

It is used from Year 1 to Year 6, but we only started in Year 3 because that is the year we were in when it was introduced to St Paul’s. We use it throughout the year, but we concentrate on this method particularly in the month of November, which is why it is called Barvember.

Basically, it starts off as a bar, or rectangle, which can then be split into sections depending on the particular problem. By drawing out the bars and sections, which can represent whatever is asked in the problem, it can become clearer as to how the problem can be solved.

We feel it is really helpful as it gives us confidence in solving certain mathematical problems and actually makes it easier because the problem is displayed visually which helps to explain it. We can actually use different methods of working out calculations which then shows a greater depth of understanding, and bar modelling is just one way, but it does make it easier for us and so that is why we like it.

Anna and Kaadi
Year 6