Earlier this term we were learning about Hinduism and as part of the project we were studying Hindu symbols.  Yesterday, we were creating batik and our teacher gave us a choice of Hindu symbols to use, including Trident, Swastika, Ganesh, Diva Lamp and Kalesh.  We each chose a symbol and firstly we drew it on paper and then copied it onto a piece of cloth.  Next, we painted wax on the lines that we had drawn.  Because the wax acts as a barrier we could use ink which we painted in different colours over the rest of the cloth.  The ink was then dried using a hair dryer after which we painted both sides of the cloth with wax.  When it had dried we squeezed it gently to create small crackles.

Today we are going to take the cloth home to be ironed between sheets of paper which will absorb all the wax.  Our teachers will then display the cloths, but we will be allowed to bring them home eventually.  We will then be able to make them into cushion covers or wall hangings if we want.

When we knew we were going to do batik we were really excited as we don’t usually get to do projects like this.  It was a really great day and we had so much fun.

Jace and Jessica
Year 5