Black History Month

Black historyEvery year we celebrate Black History Month with assemblies and work we do in class.  Last year we heard about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and how they influenced the world.  This year Mrs Batsford led an assembly where we looked at the musical culture of Black Americans.

Originally, slaves sang songs as they worked in the fields. These were ‘call and response’ songs.  Then came the blues and then jazz which started in New Orleans in the 1890s and was an expression of the black condition of the day.  One of the most famous jazz musicians was Louis Armstrong who sang and played the trumpet.  He played so much that eventually his lips became damaged.

The next genre we heard about was gospel and was originally just to praise God.  Gospel music is very upbeat and makes people feel happy. Gospel eventually led to rock and roll, Chuck Berry was an early rock ‘n’ roller.  Black popular music has influenced many types of music today including rap and Motown.

We enjoyed the assembly which helped to re-enforce our knowledge of black history and helps us to understand the contribution of black people and how they have made a real difference to our everyday lives.

Andreas and Mia-Gabrielle
Year 6