31/3/2020 : Music

Children sing songs, make music and dance.

Over the next few weeks you are going to hear the story of Little Red Riding Hood and learn some great new songs. Each week you hear a different part of the story and learn a new song. So, let’s get started – have fun!

Go to the link below.
Click on Tutorial 1: Learn the song ‘I love red!’.
Then listen to Part 1 of the story.

Little Red Riding Hood. 1: I love red!

31/3/2020 : Weighing

Children use everyday language to talk about weight and compare quantities through baking.

As Easter is approaching and if we were in school, we would have been doing some baking which the children really enjoy. There are four Easter recipes for you to choose from, alternatively you can use your own Easter baking recipe.

Easter Crispy Cookies

Easter Egg Biscuits

Easter Egg Nests

Easter Hot Cross Buns

24/3/2020 : The Train Ride

Once you have read ‘The Train Ride’, draw your own picture of what you can see on your train ride. You can draw it in any medium you like. Some examples are: chalk (on the patio and a photo taken), paint, crayons, felt tips etc. This can be done straight in your home learning journey or on paper and stuck in. The sentence you wrote above should reflect your drawing.