31/3/2020 : Weighing

Children use everyday language to talk about weight and compare quantities through baking.

As Easter is approaching and if we were in school, we would have been doing some baking which the children really enjoy. There are four Easter recipes for you to choose from, alternatively you can use your own Easter baking recipe.

Easter Crispy Cookies

Easter Egg Biscuits

Easter Egg Nests

Easter Hot Cross Buns

Phil Mcdermott the Storyteller and Will Green the Music teacher

Stories, songs and activities, are now available on YouTube and Twitter for children and loved ones to enjoy!

They know there is a lot of concern and worry about the time ahead for all of us, especially for our young children isolated at home from friends and families. They hope these stories and songs will make the time enjoyable, entertaining and educational for the children and their families.



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