31/3/2020 : Weighing

Children use everyday language to talk about weight and compare quantities through baking.

As Easter is approaching and if we were in school, we would have been doing some baking which the children really enjoy. There are four Easter recipes for you to choose from, alternatively you can use your own Easter baking recipe.

Easter Crispy Cookies

Easter Egg Biscuits

Easter Egg Nests

Easter Hot Cross Buns

24/3/2020 : Estimating

Go through the Estimation PowerPoint as a starter.

Introduce the word estimating and what it means. Give some examples of estimating. Also discuss it means sensible guessing. Fill a jar/container with up to 30 objects such as marshmallows, buttons, lego, cars….. Children then estimate how many objects they think are in the jar and write this number down. Children then check by counting and writing the real number down. Please check for correct number formation and model correctly if you need to.


  • Change the number of objects in the jar (increase and/or decrease)
  • Picking up a handful of objects and estimating


Active Learn Primary : Bug Club, Grammar and Spelling Bug, Abacus

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All pupils should already have details of their personal user name and password and the school code.

If there are any problems accessing this resource, please contact the school office in the first instance.