School is now closed for the summer holidays. We hope you have a safe and relaxing break. Children return to school on Monday, 7th September 2020.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

St Paul’s is receiving guidance from the Department of Health and Public Health England and we are planning accordingly.  Current advice and any significant updates will be communicated via ParentLink.

Please visit our School Closure Resources tab where you can access the drop down menu for Home Learning.

27/4/2020 : Year 6

Home Learning : 6T

Home Learning : 6TN

KS2 Oddizzi World Explorers Physical Features

Buddhism – doc

Buddhism – ppt

Lesson 1 – Flower Labelling

Lesson 1 – Plant Structure and Pollination

Lesson 1 – Plenary Parts of a Flower Card Sort

Parts of a Flower – Answers

Pollination – docx

Pollination – ppt

Questions – Spanish

Spanish Task

The Story of the Buddha Powerpoint Ver 3

Take 5 Year 5 6 Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick

YEAR 6 – Music LESSON 4

27/4/2020 : Year 5

Home Learning : 5BH

Home Learning : 5W

Oddizzi Ancient Greece Myths and Legends

Cyclops Character Description

Greek Mythology Monsters

Identifying Changes Activity Sheet

Irreversible Changes Activity Sheet

KS2 Oddizzi World Explorers Physical Features

Lesson Presentation Irreversible Changes

Questions Spanish

Spanish task

Spelling Journal New Curric Summer

Modern Greece Leaflet

Using the Present Form of Verbs in Contrast to Past Tense PowerPoint Ver 4

KS2 Sirens Poster Ver 6

KS2 the Sirens Create Your Own Greek Monster Ver 4

Theseus Comprehension

Visit the Med Brochure


27/4/2020 : Year 3

Home Learning : 3B

Home Learning : 3S

Music Lesson 3 – Year 3

Music Lesson 3 Text – Year 3

Science – Light – Activity – Choosing a Material Design a Bag

Science – Light – Activity – Testing Reflective Materials

Science – Light – Reflective Surfaces

Spanish – La Familia

Spanish Task

Summer Week 2 Spellings Look Say Cover Write Check

Take 5 Year 3 4 Charlotte’s Web by E B White