31/3/2020 : Animal Groups

See the Grouping Animals PowerPoint showing you information about different animal groups and think about what similarities animals have in each group.

Have a look at the different video clips on BBC Bitesize and try to answer the following questions:

  • What do animals in each group have in common?
  • What differences do they have?
  • In which animal groups animals have four or no legs?
  • Which animals lay eggs? Which group or groups do they belong to?

Which animals are warm blooded?

Grouping Animals

BBC Bitesize

24/3/2020 : Senses

Begin by revising of all the senses.

Write a list of things you can see in your room. Close your eyes and think about the noises you can hear around. You can write a list classifying loud and soft noises.

You can also practise your sense of smell by putting different things in yoghurt pots, e.g orange, chocolate, vinegar… Think about adjectives to describe those things. Ask people at home to guess what’s inside!