31/3/2020 : Sunflower Seeds

In science I would like you to continue to observe how your sunflower seed is growing.

  • Has it germinated yet?
  • Can you see any leaves?
  • What purpose do the leaves have?
  • Can you draw and write about the seed each week to track how it changes?

Also, I would like you to look at any flowers or trees that you have in your garden or when you go for a walk. Have a look at the clip on, BBC Bitesize called ‘What plants can you find outside?’

What plants can you find outside?

24/3/2020 : Sunflower Seeds

Watch your sunflower seed germinate.

Keep the cotton wool pad damp and when you see a shoot start to appear follow the link to BBC Bitesize KS1 Explanation – Growing seeds.

Observe carefully how your seed germinates, look at the leaves and roots begin to appear.

In your bag we sent home there is a graph where you can measure your plant as it grows.

From Wednesday we would like you to plant your seed in soil and then begin to measure your seedling on a daily basis. Wednesday 25th March is day 1 on your graph.

Chat with your family about how to measure and record the growth of your seed.

Explanation – Growing Seeds