Pupil Finishing Times on Thursday 22nd July

1:20 pm      Reception & Year 3
1:25 pm       Year 1 & Year 4
1:30 pm      Year 2 & Year 5


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Please remember to maintain social distancing when you pick up/drop off your child.

31/3/2020 : The Weather


This week in Spanish you can continue looking at The Weather (el tiempo). Use Seasons and Weather Power Point presentation from last week to look at the weather in different cities in Spain.

¿Qué tiempo hace en España? (What is the weather like in Spain?) – Look at the weather in Spain slide in the Power Point presentation and write sentences about the weather in each city.

E.g: En Bilbao hace calor y hace sol (In Bilbao it’s hot and sunny). Remember to use “y” (and) to like words.

You can also look at the weather in the UK (BBC weather) and write sentences describing the weather in different cities in the country.