Pupil Finishing Times on Thursday 22nd July

1:20 pm      Reception & Year 3
1:25 pm       Year 1 & Year 4
1:30 pm      Year 2 & Year 5


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Please remember to maintain social distancing when you pick up/drop off your child.

31/3/2020 : Greek Easter in the Orthodox Church

Moving on from Hinduism, we are starting our new RE topic Greek Easter in the Orthodox Church

  • Complete a spider diagram of what you know already about Greek Easter in your normal black school pen. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much yet!
  • Watch the two clips

and add to your spider diagram, in a coloured pen, with facts that you have found out about Easter and Holy Trinity in the Greek Orthodox Church.

Easter Celebrations

Easter and Holy Friday in the Greek Orthodox Church