31/3/2020 : Properties and Changes of Materials

Continuing with our topic Properties and changes of materials.

Look through the powerpoint Brighter Bulbs and watch the clip in the powerpoint (on BBC Bitesize).

Play the electrical conductors or insulators game (on the powerpoint), identifying which are electrical conductors and which are electrical insulators. You may want to print the conductor and insulator cards to hold up.

Go through the rest of the powerpoint. How might you investigate the conductivity of different materials in order to find the best electrical conductors to make the floodlights as bright as possible? Look at the BBC Bitesize clip on electric circuits to help you. Also think back to the work you did on electricity in Year 4 and some of the school equipment you used in that topic. Try to write the ‘method’ for an investigation into the conductivity of different materials. Include the list of equipment you would need to carry out the investigation and some examples of materials you might test.

Brighter Bulbs

Conductor and Insulator Cards

Investigating Conductivity