31/3/2020 : Food and Drinks / Likes and Dislikes


This week in Spanish you can revise Food & Drinks / Likes & Dislikes. Have a look at Food, drinks – likes and dislikes Power Point.

Draw a table and classify food and drinks vocabulary from the Power Point under the headings masculine, feminine and plural. You can use different colours if you like.

Next, divide a piece of paper, card, white board… in two and draw a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other side. Write down sentences about your likes and dislikes.

 E.g Me gusta el pollo y las patatas fritas (I like chicken and chips).  Remember to use “y” (and) to link words and sentences. You can draw some pictures after writing the sentences if you like.

You can also translate the sentences suggested in Comida y Bedida. You can use two different colours for the English and Spanish sentences like we do in class.


Chicken soup – Sopa de pollo
Chocolate ice cream – Helado de chocolate
Cheese pizza – Pizza de queso

Grammar revision:

  • Me gusta el pescado (I like fish) – Singular
  • Me gustan las patatas fritas (I like chips) – Plural

Add “n” when it’s plural
Me gustan las patatas fritas (I like chips)
Me encantan las patatas fritas (I love chips)
No me gustan las patatas fritas (I don’t like chips).


Food and Drinks / Likes and Dislikes

Comida y Bedida

24/3/2020 : Family Picture

Draw a picture of your family on a piece of paper, card… It can be a family picture or a family tree. Label the members of the family and write down sentences.

E.g Mi padre se llama Juan y tiene 50 años (my dad is called Juan and he is 50 years old). Mi madre se llama Ana y tiene 50 años (My mum is called Ana and she is 50 years old). You can draw as many members of the family as you like.