Christmas at St Paul’s

Christmas is a special time at St Paul’s and we have loads of wonderful Christmas activities.  We have lots of decorations in the school.  There is a Christmas tree in the entrance hall and in the hall there are hoops hanging from the ceiling which we have decorated with many different Christmassy things including penguins, gingerbread men, angels and stars.  Year 6 also made some angel decorations for the Christmas tree festival in St John’s Church.  There is a post box next to the Christmas tree where we post our cards to our friends.  The house captains then have a very big job delivering everybody’s post to each class. 

We had a KS1 pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk, for which we had been rehearsing for a long time, but before that was the Reception classes’ Nativity, which we all enjoyed watching and it reminded us of the time when we did the Nativity. 

Both of St Paul’s choirs and St Paul’s orchestra have been busy rehearsing.  We have had two Christingle services, one in the afternoon for KS1, at which the Y2 choir sang, and the other in the early evening for KS2 where the junior choir and orchestra performed.  Father Daniel led the services and he had a teddy bear which he called Father Bear.  Father Bear tried to make a Christingle, but he used a banana instead of an orange, a purple ribbon instead of red, Brussel sprouts instead of sweets and a sandal instead of a candle.  We all found it really funny and then Father Daniel went on to refresh our memories of what the Christingle orange represents. 

We have also performed at our Christmas Fayre and Holy Trinity’s Christmas Fayre and will be performing for the Memory Club at St Peter’s.  We will also be performing at the Countdown to Christmas concert where we sing Christmas songs for our parents, staff and governors.  We all wear Christmas hats and it is a lovely evening. 

We also wore Christmas hats at our Christmas lunch, as did the kitchen staff.  Some of our hats were very funny.  One was a chicken which played songs and flapped its legs.  Lunch was really delicious.  We had turkey and Christmas ice-cream and felt really full afterwards. 

On the last day of term we will be having a pantomime which we are really looking forward to.  We have one every year and it’s always lots of fun. 

Christmas at St Paul’s is fun-packed and very full with all the activities that we do.  All the staff always make an effort to make it a wonderful time for us all and we are very very lucky. 

Happy Christmas! 

Amy, Archie, Giselle and Olivia
Year 2 and Year 6

The Extra Club

We really like going to the Extra Club because we get to play and spend time with friends that we don’t see in class and we are able to make friends with children from different classes and years.  It’s a great time to relax after the hard work that we have been doing in lesson time. 

There are three rooms: the red room, also called the poppy room, the yellow room (daffodil) and the blue room (bluebell).  We go there after school and first Mrs Izzet takes the register and then we order the tea that we would like.  We have a really big choice and includes different types of sandwiches, toast and fresh fruit. 

After we have eaten, we do some homework and then we can watch TV, play on the computers, do some colouring or crafts, play games or do quizzes.  We have just recently have a Christmas quiz and a Disney quiz.  The Reception year like to watch Squashbuckle on the TV in the red room and either CCBC or CITV are on in the other two rooms.  Last summer we were able to watch the World Cup on the television if we wanted. 

In the summer we get to play outside and sometimes we have picnics and play with space hoppers or big soft balls.  We can also play football and this is great fun as the staff sometimes join in.  Also we get ice-pops which we all really like. 

The Extra Club also takes place before school and we get breakfast.  We can have cereal and yoghurts, juice or hot chocolate and bagels.  It’s very nice. 

We love going to the Extra Club and when our parents come to pick us up in the afternoon we really don’t want to leave and we can’t wait for our next session. 

Ariana and Pedro
Year 5

Infant production

Our show this year is Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have been rehearsing for about five weeks and we’ve all had lines to learn, including those of us who are in the choir. 

The play is about Jack and his mother who live on a farm and they were very poor.  One day Jack’s mother says they have got to sell Daisy, their cow.  Jack is very miserable and he goes to market and sells Daisy for five colourful beans!  He is very excited and runs back home but his mother is so angry and outraged she throws the beans out of the window.  The animals on the farm are afraid because they don’t know what is going to happen next so they make Jack a bed and do a cow dance and the choir sings ‘Man in the moon’.  The beanstalk grows and grows right up into the sky and Jack climbs it and arrives at the giant’s castle.  The giant shouts ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’ but Jack manages to steal a gold coin, a golden egg and a magic harp.  The giant chases Jack down the beanstalk, but is knocked off the beanstalk by the horse, and Jack, his mother and all the animals live happily ever after. 

We now have learnt all our lines and we’ve got our costumes and are ready to perform.  We will perform to the juniors first and then we will have three shows for our parents.  The play is very exciting and we are enjoying it, but some of us are a bit nervous about doing the actual performance. 

Ethan and Sienna
Year 2

Children in Need

This year, we decided to support Children in Need and the School Council worked on organising it.  We had meetings every Wednesday to plan and prepare for the day.  Each councillor went to their class teacher to agree on the activities that their class would organise in order to raise money.  Each class had an activity and many were selling things as well.  We made loads of posters and stuck them up in school to advertise our activities. 

Throughout the school we had many guessing games including how many marbles or sweets in a jar, what’s in the box, what’s under the cup, what’s hidden in the rice, who’s the cartoon character and what’s the name of the teddy. 

We had many activities including throw the ball in the cup or bucket, face painting, pin a patch on Pudsey, guess the missing object, Malteser blowing, penalty shootouts, the operation game, the FIFA game, a treasure hunt, making crafts, stacking cups and putting copper coins on a cut-out of Pudsey on the hall floor which raised £100. 

There were various stalls selling games, toys, books, a tombola and in Year 6 we had a bake stall.  We sold cakes and biscuits but at the end we had lots left over so we sold plates of cakes and biscuits to parents when they came to pick up their children. 

We all enjoyed our day.  We had so much fun and everybody was really happy and we raised £1,800 for Children in Need. 

Mabel and Stephanie
Year 6

Maths story book week

Maths story book week is when every year group in the school reads a different book that is about maths and the book for Year 3 was “How big is a million?” 

This was about a penguin who asked his mum how big is a million and she told him to search for a million to find out.  He looked everywhere and he found 10 fish, 100 penguins and 1,000 snowflakes, but he couldn’t find a million.  He went back home and told his mum and she said look up at the sky and so he found a million stars. 

The book had an envelope at the back of it and in it was a sheet of paper which was a picture of the penguin and his mum looking up at the sky at night with all the stars. 

We really enjoyed the story and it made us understand that a million is a really big number. 

After the story, our maths lesson was about estimating numbers.  We had a jar containing marbles, a cup of raisins, a cup of paper fasteners and pens in a box.  We then had to estimate the numbers in each of the containers.  Mr Butterworth then counted out the marbles, raisins, paper fasteners and pens and we could see how close we were in our estimation. 

We thought the maths lessons was really good and we learnt a lot about estimating. 

Cicely and Leo
Year 3

Remembrance Day

We have been learning about Remembrance Day in class.  We learnt that it is about remembering all those who died in wars.  The first world war ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th year 100 years ago.  We wear red poppies because they grew in the fields where the battles were fought and the red represents the blood spilt during the war.  We have two minutes of silence at 11.00 am on 11th November so that we can remember those that died. 

There will soon be poppies for us to buy in school and the money raised goes to help those who have been injured in war.  Our class assembly will be about Remembrance Day.  We will be reading a poem called ‘In Flanders Fields’ which was written by a soldier and the hymn will be ‘I the lord of sea and sky’. 

We learnt in class that the Menin Gate is on the road where the soldiers started off from to get to the front.  This is a memorial and the last post is played there at 8.00 pm every evening to remember those who died. 

Sergeant Parsons came into school and told us about the terrible conditions at the front. The soldiers were often in trenches which were wet, cold and muddy and many of them got trench foot.  They had to fight in an area which was called no man’s land which was between the two armies and that is where many soldiers died. 

It is really important for us to remember all those who died because they gave up their lives for us which has enabled us to live our lives today and it is important to remember them otherwise they would have died for nothing. 

Kristian and Sophia
Year 4

St Paul’s School Production

We’ve had the most wonderful time performing in our production which was called ‘Scrooge’.

At the end of last term whilst we were still in Year 5, we were told about the play and we were given some scenes from the script.  We then auditioned for several parts and then Mr Cummins let us know which part we were going to play.  We received our scripts so that we could learn our parts over the summer holidays.

At the beginning of this term, we started work on the play.  We were told about the costumes we needed and for homework we had to design posters and write our biography and these are on display in the entrance hall.

There were four performances.  Each of the Year 6 classes had two performances where we were acting in the play and for the other two we were in the choir.  We had to learn 12 songs by heart which was quite difficult as we had to learn our lines for the play as well.

We had a walk-through and then two full dress rehearsals where we had to wear our costumes and our make-up.

Then we were ready for the full performance.  It was very nerve wracking before the curtains opened and our hearts were beating very fast, but once we were on the stage, we were fine.  We could see our parents in the audience, but we were not allowed to wave at them.

Our parents must have enjoyed the performances as we received a standing ovation.  One of our parents said that it was great on the first night but it was amazing on the second night.

We would like to thank all the staff involved in the show, in particular Mr Cummins, who directed it and who worked on the script during his holiday time and put in the jokes, Miss Wicks who helped us with our lines and our projection and Mrs Smith who taught us the songs and accompanied us.

A video was made of the show so that we can keep the memory and also so that our relatives and friends who were not able to come to the production can see it.

It was an amazing experience and we would love to do it all over again if we could.

Alice, Josh and Katie
Year 6

St Paul’s Football Teams

Football training for the boys is every Wednesday after school and is run by Mr Potsos.  We’ve had some friendly matches and last week we had our first match in the Cluster League which is made up of 6 local schools.  This was against Hadley Wood School and played at Southgate School.

After 5 minutes, a mistake in Hadley’s defence resulted in our first goal which we kicked into the bottom right corner.  Also in the first half, their goalie didn’t clear the ball properly after one of our attacking moves and we were able to take advantage and score our second goal.  The second half wasn’t so good for us.  The referee gave a decision against us, following on from which Hadley were given a corner and scored.  Then, after a free kick was given against us, Hadley scored again.  The match then ended in a 2-2 draw.

Later in the term the boys team will be playing matches in the Fursman Cup and we have also entered a knock out competition.

Mr Potsos manages the boys team and trains us.  He picks the boys for each match and ensures that all boys that attend the training play in a match at some stage.  He has arranged for a sponsor to provide us with our training kit and our strip and we are very, very grateful to him and our sponsor.

The girls also have a football team.  They have played one league match which they drew and they have also entered into a knock-our competition.  They are trained by Mr Crouch and the matches are managed by Mrs Perrin.

Charlie and Daniel
Year 6

St Paul’s Paper

When we were in Year 5, we were asked if we would like to think about branding a new school newspaper and when we came into Year 6 we started work on our first edition.  The teachers who work with us are Mr Timbrell and Mrs Tippett.

We meet most days in the Red Room and we brainstorm as to what we would like to put in the paper.  We decided the first edition is the School Production edition and we have included an interview with Mr Cummins who is directing the production together with Miss Wicks.  Mr Cummins talked about the difficulties of adapting the script for female Scrooges.  (Class 6T has male Scrooges and Class 6TN has female Scrooges.)  The paper also has a full cast list.

We are including news about the new house and sports captains and there is also a sports page which has news about recent matches.  We have included a riddle competition and we will be having various competitions on a regular basis.  We will be including interviews in the future and this edition we talked with the new ECO-Vengers.

We will also have a regular DIY page and in this edition there are instructions on making a snow globe.  We researched projects that make use of items that most of us would have access to and we have tested it to make sure that it works OK.

We are also including a feedback page as we would like to know if our readers are happy with the paper and whether they have any suggestions on things they would like us to add.  There will also be reviews by Mr Russell and Mrs Batsford.

We will be publishing at the end of each half term and our first issue will be available on 18th and 19thOctober.  It will be on sale at every exit from the school.  It is in colour and the current price is set at £1.

We are really enjoying producing the paper and we hope our readers will enjoy reading it.  We have lots of ideas for future editions.

Giselle, Jack and Jed
Year 6

Y4 visit to the Anglo Saxon Village

When we visited the Anglo Saxon Village, the first place we went into was the museum.  We looked around and some of us dressed up in the clothes that Anglo Saxons would have worn.  There were boards around with words that the Anglo Saxons used and their translations.  For example ‘falk’ was pronounced ‘folk’ and meant ‘people’.  We looked at many things including their jewellery, the horns that they used to drink out of and a toiletry set which included a nail file.

After lunch we then went into the village and looked inside some of the houses.  The village was reconstructed on the actual site of an Anglo Saxon village, but because the houses were originally mostly built of wood, the wood had rotted away and all that was left were the post holes.

The reconstructed houses were all thatched.  The biggest house was called the hall, but we also went into the farmer’s house and a workshop.  The workshop contained an upstairs storage area and there were looms and a weaving board.  We were asked which house we would prefer to live in and many of us chose the hall as it had furniture and a fireplace in it.  It also had wattle and daub walls.  The biggest danger to the houses was fire because they were made of wood and thatch.

There were also pigs in the village which were the same type of pigs that the Anglo Saxons would have had.

Our visit was interesting and exciting as we got to see how people lived all those years ago.  Their jewellery and clothes were so different to ours.  But we are very glad that we live in our houses and not in the sort of houses that the Anglo Saxons lived in.

Ella and Isaac
Year 4