Visit to the food bank


Ten of us recently visited the North Enfield food bank. We supported this food bank at Harvest Festival and we sent 417.65 kg of food there this year.

We met the manager, Kelly, who showed us all round the warehouse where the food is stored. There are sections for each type of food and they also stock toiletries and things like nappies.

Kelly told us all about the history of food banks. It started from a shed in someone’s garden giving out food to those who needed it and now it has spread throughout the country. There are 500 workers who are all volunteers, but the managers are paid. We talked to some of the volunteers and they told us that the best bit was going home knowing they have helped someone.

The food is all donated and sell-by dates are all checked. Warburtons deliver bread to them twice a week and there are collections in many supermarkets. We actually packed a crate ready to be given to someone who needed it.

The people that are helped must have been given a voucher by a charity. On their first visit a checklist is made of any allergies, likes, dislikes, cooking facilities etc. The volunteers also chat with these people and they check how the food is getting home in order that they can it can be packed in the most suitable bags.

We are grateful for the opportunity we were given to visit the food bank. It has made us realise how lucky we are and some of us intend to become volunteers when we are old enough.

Anna and Archie
Year 6

Welcome service


This morning we went to church for a special service because we are starting school. We walked there with our teachers and it was a bit windy, but when we walked back it was raining.

Our mummies and daddies were at the church and we sang three songs – Jesus bids us shine, God is good and Jesus’s ladder. Father Callum blessed some bookmarks for us and sprinkled water over us and he helped us pray.

It was a lovely service and we enjoyed it, especially the singing.

Beatrice and Otto
Year R



School production



Our junior production this year is called “The Golden Ticket”, but it is actually the story of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. We were really pleased when we heard about it because we knew we would be getting some chocolate!

We auditioned for roles in the summer term. This was really nerve-wracking, especially if we were auditioning for a singing role as we had never sang solo in public before.

When we got our role, then we started worrying about learning the lines. We thought we could practice our lines over the summer holiday, but then we got to the end of the summer holidays and we thought where did the summer go as we haven’t learnt all our lines yet. But we’ve worked really hard and suddenly the performances are only a week away. It has now started to feel very real.

Each of the Year 6 classes do two performances where they play the speaking parts and whilst one class is doing the speaking parts, the other class are the choir. The speaking parts have been split up very fairly, eg there are two Willy Wonkas for each performance as it is such a major part, and some of us with less lines have two parts.

We love the play and the jokes are really good. We are looking forward to the actual performances, although we are now feeling a bit nervous, but also excited. We have gained so much from rehearsing for the production. Some of us felt a bit embarrassed about performing, but now we have gained in confidence.

We are very grateful to Miss Wicks, our director, and to all the staff who all have contributed, and to our parents who have provided our costumes and also helped in coaching us.

Enjoy the show!

Niamh and Peter
Year 6



Yesterday, we were visited by the Young Shakespeare Company. They went through the story of Macbeth. We were given roles to play and act out and we had labels so that we all knew which parts we were playing. The king and the queen also had crowns. We were told our lines which we repeated and they were the original words as written by Shakespeare.  One of our favourite lines we can remember – “Double, double, toil and trouble.”

We had to think about the setting and picture it in our heads. We had to imagine what would happen next. We were divided into two and one side of the room had to think about the thoughts and feelings of Macbeth and the other side of the room were asked to think about the thoughts and feelings of Lady Macbeth.

We really enjoyed the experience. We had to use our own imagination which brought it alive for us and we really felt in the zone.

Ariana, Douglas and Louis
Year 6

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Last Friday St Paul’s School held a Macmillan tea afternoon. We brought in cakes from home and parents were invited in. Some of the house captains helped in the hall serving the cakes and all the Y6 children helped the younger children. The other house captains were in the entrance hall collecting donations from the parents. Each class came down to the hall and after we had picked our cake or biscuits, we took a drink and sat outside on the steps. We gave £2 each and we were allowed to pick 3 items.

It was a good experience. We liked helping out and we enjoyed eating the cakes. Our parents were really generous and we were proud to raise £1,424.19 for MacMillans.

Ariana, Douglas and Louis
Year 6

Armonico Consort

Last week, Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a choir workshop run by Father Calum. First of all we sang some songs – A Keelie and Si Si Si. They were only short, and we didn’t know the language they were written in, but they were really enjoyable to sing. We learnt some other songs, one of which was a round, which was great.

Father Calum gave us some tips to help us. Firstly we had to open our mouths wide in order to project our singing and we had to learn when to take a deep breath in the songs. Another tip was to wobble our knees whilst we were singing so that we wouldn’t get tired when standing for a long time.

We really enjoyed the session and we hope that we can join this choir as it was such fun.

Alexander and Jessica
Year 5


This year in PSHE we have started a new scheme, which the whole school is doing, called Jigsaw. Each class has a jigsaw piece and they are all different colours. Some classes have jigsaw pieces which are shaped like animals.

There are various different exercises we do in the Jigsaw lessons. One is where we have to think about a special place. The teacher uses a chime and we have to calm our minds and think about our place until the sound of the chime ends. The teacher puts pictures of examples up on the wall, eg a river or a garden or a car, but we can just think of our own special place as long as it’s peaceful. We have our eyes shut, our feet flat on the floor and our hands on our tummies to help us relax.

Another exercise was a worry spiral where we had to write down our worries, eg moving onto secondary school, SATs, leaving our friends. We’ve also had to write down our targets and dreams on some bunting-type flags.

One exercise, which was fun, was a cross between bingo and noughts and crosses. We had some questions in 3 lines with 3 questions in each line. We had to answer them and then we had to find out from others in the class what answers they had and see if we could match them and try and get a line. There were all sorts of questions, eg favourite food, worst school uniform colour, worst TV show, which sport we would like to win a medal in.

Jigsaw lessons usually takes place after lunch on a Friday afternoon, which is a good time because we have been rushing around in the lunch break and we are also tired from a week’s hard work. The activities are fun and enjoyable, particularly as there are no wrong answers, unlike in maths!

Amelia, Jackie, Kimi and Yasmina
Years 4 and 6

Moving to Key Stage 2

When we were in Year 2, we were a bit nervous about moving into Year 3. We were a bit worried because we thought the teachers would be really strict and the lessons really hard and we would have to do lots of different things.

But we really like our teachers – they are a bit stricter, but not really very strict and the lessons are harder, but not too hard, although we do 20 minutes more each day which is a bit more tiring. We do have to work faster now. Before we would get little breaks when we were working to stretch our arms, but now we get less time to relax during lessons.

Most of the subjects are the same although we do more science. There is one extra lesson that we have which is mindfulness colouring, which is supposed to settle us down after a break. We have different coloured exercise books but they are the same inside. In Year 2 we mostly used pencils and crayons but now we use gel pens much more. We still use pencils in our exercise books, but our teacher told us that when our writing is neat enough we will be given a pen licence so that we can use a Uniball pen. We should get this before we move into Year 4.

Our lunch times are shorter. In Year 2 we had playtime, then lunch, then a bit more playtime. But now we go straight into lunch from the lessons, which is better as we don’t get so hungry. The lunch hall is a bit different as we now have to collect our knives and forks when we collect our lunch whereas in Key Stage 1 the tables were all laid out for us. Also we sit in a different place which is nearer the kitchen.

In Key Stage 1 we had fruit and lunch provided for us. But now we have to bring in our own fruit and our parents have to pay for our lunch unless we bring in a packed lunch.

We enjoy being in Key Stage 2 as we feel much older and we are really looking forward to taking part in the junior production which is much bigger than the KS1 production. Also it is in the evening, so we will get to stay up a bit later which is really great!

Finn and Julia
Year 3

Good-bye St Paul’s from Year 6

We have some wonderful memories of our time in St Paul’s. We remember HYMB where we did many activities such as swimming and boating. A really fun activity was caving. It involved us in teamwork as we had to help each other through difficult obstacles and then we had to find our own way out which was quite complicated and involved us in group discussion, negotiation and decision-making. We stayed at the Youth Hostel overnight where we had great food and a disco.

Another wonderful memory was the junior production where we performed ‘Scrooge’. It was great fun and our parents really enjoyed the show as well.

The highlight of our time at St Paul’s is the school journey. We feel we have gained a lot of confidence as we stayed away from home for nearly a week. We got to know the other Year 6 class really well and have made some good friends. One of our favourite outings was to Monkeyworld. When we got back we enjoyed the 3-D model-making which gave us a chance to work together again.

We have many activities now as we approach the end of term. We have a leavers service at St Paul’s Church where we sing many songs and give thanks for our time at school. We will be singing ‘Sing’ which is the song that we sang when we were in Reception. Another song is ‘I turn to you’ which is a song to our parents. Both these songs are emotional and we may well cry.

There will be a leavers assembly where some pupils will receive awards. We will also be having a picnic followed by a disco in the school hall which we are looking forward to.

Our very last time at school will be spent in the quadrangle where we will be saying our final good-byes, signing each others’ shirts and thanking all the staff for providing a happy and safe school community for us. This will be a really sad time for us and it will be very emotional. But we are looking forward to our secondary schools and meeting new people. The next chapter in our lives will not be the same as St Paul’s but it will be exciting and we will still remain in touch with our friends.

Good-bye St Paul’s and thank you for this amazing journey we have been on with you.

Hannah and Lola
Year 6

The school fete

Every year the Friends of St Paul’s School organise a fete to raise money for the school. This year the money raised will go towards buying a class set of laptops. Our parents spend a lot of time organising the fete and they have many meetings after we’ve gone to bed. The FOSPS chair is Mrs Mansfield and the Fete chair is Mrs Ryder and lots of parents are involved in running the stalls, setting up and putting everything away again.

The fete is great fun. There’s lots of stalls and activities. There’s pony rides and football games and a very popular activity is the bungee trampoline where we can do back flips. The tea cup ride is back this year which we are thrilled about.

The dads run a barbecue and so lots of people have hamburgers and hot dogs for their lunch. There’s also lots of other refreshment stalls.

There’s a Lego Challenge where we are given a bowl of Lego and we have to make a model in 60 seconds. At the end of the day the best model wins a prize of a set of Lego.  Another competition that we have is Bake Off where we bring in cakes that we have made – delicious.

Every year there is a pageant where each year group performs a dance. This year the theme is ‘Life is better when you dance’. Our year is doing a street dance. Every child wears a costume and our year are wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.

We love the fete and we are really grateful to our parents for all the work they do for it.

Annabelle and Henry
Year 4