CCTV Policy

CCTV Policy For St Paul’s CE Primary School

The purpose of this Policy is to regulate the management, operation and use of the closed circuit television (CCTV) system at St Paul’s CE Primary School.

A static system is in use


The purposes for which the CCTV Systems are used are:

  1. a) To increase personal safety of pupils, staff and visitors, and reduce the risk of crime
  2. b) To protect the school buildings and their assets
  3. c) To support the Police in a bid to deter and detect crime
  4. d) To assist in identifying, apprehending and potentially prosecuting offenders
  5. e) To assist in managing the school and ensure the safety and security of the site manager and his family.

Responsible people

The people who have been appointed to oversee the system and procedures are the administrative team working in the reception and front office areas and Mr David Nutting (IT Technician / governor). The day-to-day management will be the delegated responsibility of the Site Manager Mr Alvin Crouch.


The school will notify visitors to the site of the use of CCTV by the use of signs. In addition to this parents will be informed through the information to parents’ booklet.

The images that are filmed will be held in a secure location and can only be accessed by those who are authorised to do so.

The medium onto which we record images is: Hard disc drive

It will be replaced as follows: New recorded images overwrite the oldest stored images, typically after approximately 30 days though the period for which images are held may be shorter or longer than this


A regular maintenance programme is in place and will be carried out by the site manager and IT technician.

Cameras will be checked every half term by the site manager.

Unless required for evidential purposes, the retention period of any images recorded by our CCTV footage is typically 6 weeks or less and any footage that is over this period will be destroyed in the following manner:

Digital Images will be deleted by being overwritten.

The locations that will be used for viewing of any images will be the reception desk at the front of the school, the school office, the site manager’s house, the school server room and, when required by senior leadership team members, staff authorised to view the images on their school computers.

The senior leadership team, business manager, site manager and IT technician/governor are authorised to access the images collected.

Images will only be seen by 3rd Parties if authorised by the Head teacher

Should any images be required by the Police, we will follow this protocol:

  1. The request must be in written form, specifying the date and time (as far as possible) of the image.
  2. The rank of the requesting officer must be Sergeant       or above
  3. The school must provide a response to a request within 30 days
  4. If the decision is taken not to release the images, then the image in question must be held and not destroyed until all legal avenues have been exhausted.

During times of school closure, the CCTV system will continue to operate as normal and will be maintained and monitored by the site manager, school business manager and IT Technician.

This policy is published under the Freedom of Information Act and is available by contacting the Head teacher

Review Date: March 2018


Approved by Governors …………………..