The 30th April 2021 kicks off our Challenge-30 fundraising weekend. The children of St Paul’s School and their families have been tasked with getting sponsored for undertaking & successfully completing a Challenge-30 activity.

The challenges include:

“30 on-the-go”
Fun run – run in your local park for 30 minutes (without stopping!) dressed up in your favourite fancy dress costume
Wheelie good fun – roller-skate, scooter or bike ride in your local park for 30 minutes (without stopping!) in your favourite fancy dress costume

“30 on-the-spot”
Happy hooping – waist hoop or arm hoop (or both!) to 30 of your favourite songs in one day!
Planktastic – whilst holding a plank position balance 30 things on your body (toys, lego, teddy bears, pencils….)
Keepie uppies – do 30 keepie uppies – with a balloon, a toilet roll, a football!
Skilfully skipping – skip continuously for 30 minutes

“Talent 30”
Master 30 – learn and memorise how to say ‘hello’ in 30 different languages Junior bake off – get busy baking and make 30 cupcakes or biscuits
In the spotlight – show off your talent and put on a 30 minute show for your friends & family

Our aim for this fundraiser is to raise £15,000 to provide our school with another set of class laptops and laptop trolleys.

If you would like to support our fundraising efforts, please donate here