Children in Need

This year, we decided to support Children in Need and the School Council worked on organising it.  We had meetings every Wednesday to plan and prepare for the day.  Each councillor went to their class teacher to agree on the activities that their class would organise in order to raise money.  Each class had an activity and many were selling things as well.  We made loads of posters and stuck them up in school to advertise our activities. 

Throughout the school we had many guessing games including how many marbles or sweets in a jar, what’s in the box, what’s under the cup, what’s hidden in the rice, who’s the cartoon character and what’s the name of the teddy. 

We had many activities including throw the ball in the cup or bucket, face painting, pin a patch on Pudsey, guess the missing object, Malteser blowing, penalty shootouts, the operation game, the FIFA game, a treasure hunt, making crafts, stacking cups and putting copper coins on a cut-out of Pudsey on the hall floor which raised £100. 

There were various stalls selling games, toys, books, a tombola and in Year 6 we had a bake stall.  We sold cakes and biscuits but at the end we had lots left over so we sold plates of cakes and biscuits to parents when they came to pick up their children. 

We all enjoyed our day.  We had so much fun and everybody was really happy and we raised £1,800 for Children in Need. 

Mabel and Stephanie
Year 6