Class 2N assembly

For our class assembly we performed a play about St Paul.  First, we talked about our school crest.  The red background represents the martyrdom of Paul.  If you were to rub the lamp, it looks as if a genie would come out.  God chose Paul to be the lamp and when the bright light came upon Paul it was if he had been given the words of Jesus.  The swords represent the beheading of Paul.

We talked about Paul’s life.  He used not to believe in Jesus or God and he did not like the teaching about Jesus and God and helped others to persecute the ones who did believe.  But when he was walking to a place called Damascus there was a light so bright that it made Paul blind for three whole days.  He and his friends found a place to stay and a man called Ananias put his hands on Paul’s eyes and amazingly he could see again.

That is when he started believing in God and Jesus and he went straight to the synagogue to preach that Jesus was the son of God.

Paul started travelling and telling everybody how Jesus was the son of God.  But after two years, in one town people were so angry with him that they threw stones at him and left him for dead but he was still alive.  He didn’t let it stop him spreading the word of Jesus.  He travelled for many, many miles.  Finally he was beheaded for what he believed in.  That is why he was made a saint.

After the play we sang the school hymn.  When we had finished we said a prayer.

We think the story of St Paul is sad, but we are glad that he taught us to believe in Jesus and God.

We enjoyed performing our play and sometimes we were a bit nervous because we were afraid of getting our lines wrong.  But we were proud of our performance.

Cicely and Xavier
Year 2