Creative writing

Part of our English lessons are spent on creative writing.  This week we were learning about different parts of descriptive sentences: the pointer, numerative, describer, classifier, thing, qualifier and the rest of the sentence.  We were given a picture which we discussed in class and then we wrote about it on a chart which we were given using descriptive sentences.  We then turned the sentences into a descriptive paragraph.

 We enjoyed doing this exercise and felt that it gave greater depth to our writing and made our sentences more interesting. 

In a lesson a few weeks ago we were shown a clip of the John Lewis Christmas advert.  Again we talked about it first thinking about how the little girl felt about the man in the moon who was all alone at Christmas.  We then had to pretend to be the little girl and write about how we felt and to use our imagination and add more characters into the story. 

Again, we enjoyed this lesson which we believe has helped us write more creative  stories.

Jolene and Sofia
Year 3