Cycle Confident

Every year, Year 4 take part in a Cycle Confident course which lasts for two days and we attend sessions on each of the days.  Everyone can sign up to do it, but if they don’t have a bicycle they can borrow someone else’s. 

We bring our bikes into school and on the first day we check them to make sure they are safe.  For example we look at our wheels to make sure our tyres are pumped up and we check our chains to make sure that they are moving properly.  We then play cycling games.  One game was called Squash where we cycled around in a circle and then the circle was made smaller and smaller so it got more and more difficult and we tried and not put our feet on the ground. 

On the second day we learnt about all the different parts on our bikes, including the gears.  We played more games, one of which was following the leader who had to ride in a snake-like pattern round the playground and we took it in turns to be the leader. 

Our Cycling Confident sessions improved our skills for turning and taught us to be more confident about riding our bikes so that one day we would be able to ride on the road.  It was fun even though some of the games were quite difficult.  Although we were quite nervous to start with, we did become more confident and some of us wanted to do even more.  At the end of the sessions we were given a certificate to say that we had completed the course successfully. 

Estella and Nathaniel
Year 4