Dance Festival

Years 5 and 6 were invited to audition for the Dance Festival which is run by the London Borough of Enfield every year and 17 of us were chosen to represent St Paul’s. However, unfortunately one of us had to drop out and so only 16 of us actually attended the Festival.

Miss Wicks had chosen the music for our dance which was ‘We’re in the money’ and she and Mrs Payne choreographed a dance to the music. Because it is quite lively music, our movements were very fast-paced and joyful. We rehearsed during the lunch break twice a week for about 7 weeks and Miss Wicks allowed us to contribute to the choreography, which was great.

Our costumes were green sequinned skirts for the girls, which we borrowed from Year 3 who had performed a dance to the same music for the junior production. The boys wore silver waistcoats and long trousers. Our props included prints of large laminated 10p coins.

Our last dress rehearsals were to KS1 and KS2. They really liked our dance and were smiling and they applauded loudly.

The performance itself was at Millfield Theatre. We had one last rehearsal in an empty theatre and then after some refreshments we actually took part in the Festival. There were 17 schools taking part and we were the last on. The audience went wild and the director said that we had ended the show perfectly.

We really enjoyed the event and it was great fun, but we do miss doing all the rehearsals, which gave us an opportunity to get to know pupils that were taking part from the other classes. We really appreciate all the work that Miss Wicks put in to allow us to take part in the Festival. She really encouraged us when we were nervous to perform in front of so many people.

Amelia and Evelyn
Year 5