District Athletics Competition

About 26 of us went to the Lee Valley Athletics Centre last Monday. There were lots of events and 2 children from each year group took part in each event for their year group. The first event was the 600 m, followed by the hurdles, then the sprint and the last race was the 150 m relay. It was a very hot day but we kept in the shade except for when we were actually competing.

18 schools took part and the event was very competitive. When we arrived at the Centre we thought all the other schools looked very professional and the whole competition was very nerve-wracking. At the end of each race, the winners received medals. We won lots of medals and every single one of us came within the top 5 of their race and 5 of us got gold medals.

At the end of the competition all the results were read out and we came second  which was only 2 points behind the winning school. We were so proud of ourselves and we cheered. We had practiced very hard at school and we had even practiced at home. It was an honour to be chosen to represent our school.

Isabelle and Tom
Year 6