EcoVengers update

This week the EcoVengers ran two assemblies: one for KS1 and the other for KS2.

We talked about how what is right and what is wrong when we use plastic and how plastic is made. We asked should we be using disposable plastic bags and plastic mugs.  Everybody agreed that we should use a bag for life and glass cups.

One of the topics we were discussing earlier this year was about fumes from cars and how every time we walk outside the school we breathe these in which are not good for us.  So the newspaper team ran a competition to design a banner to hang outside the school as the existing banner is old and faded.  The winning banner was printed and at our assembly Mr Timbrell showed it to everyone.  We all thought it was really good.  The slogan is “Drop off & drive on”.

The new banner is now hanging on the railings and we hope that it will reduce congestion, that people will not sit outside school with their engines running and that it will be healthier for all the children in the school.  We shall do a survey in a week or two to see if the new banner has any effect.

Because the EcoVengers are mostly from Year 6 and we are leaving in July, we are hoping that some pupils from Year 5 will carry on with our work.  We are now creating some questions to ask them when we interview anybody who wants to become an Ecovenger.

Year 6