We have a meeting every week and we are very fortunate that we now have two mums come into school to help us as we are sometimes not sure how to put our plans into action.  We had already discussed reducing the amount of plastic used in school as we are all very aware of the damage done to the environment and to us and one of the mums said that she was really not happy with the use of plastic bags.  Our first project with them therefore is that we are looking at reducing the use of plastic packaging when we take packed lunches on our school trips.  We thought it would be better if we used canvas bags instead of plastic carrier bags.  A member of staff is obtaining some samples which we could then test and if successful, we could take our packed lunch in own personal re-usable canvas bag on all our school trips.  We are waiting for the samples to arrive and we are very excited about the project.

We are also involved in the Walk to School Week project which is led by Mrs Perrin.  We hand out posters to all the classes every month and every time children walk to school they get a tick against their name.  If they walk to school enough times they get a badge.  It is our job to help count the ticks to see who qualifies for a badge.

Another of our projects is about litter.  We have designed two posters which have been photocopied and are on display around the school.  We believe that some people are careless about discarding their litter. So we are trying to encourage them to realise that throwing litter into the bin is better than dropping it on the floor.

Eve and Ruby
Year 6