Elite Commando Survival


Years 4, 5 and 6 had the most exciting day last week.  It was an Elite Commando Survival day which was run by three ex-Royal Marines.  We were put into groups and took it in turn to complete three activities.  One task was called the Lava Lake.  This was a team race, with 9 in each team, where we had two tyres and two planks of wood.  We had to use these to get the whole team across the course in 4 minutes without any of us touching the ground, whilst also picking up yellow cones at the same time.  It was great fun but also it was about teamwork.

Another brilliant task was the assault course.  We were in groups of two or three.  First, we had to jump through some tyres, which were laid flat on the ground, then crawl under a net, helping each other get through  Then we had to walk up a plank balanced in the middle on a small barrow and then the plank would go down the other side of the barrel and we had to walk down again to the ground, using our sense of balance not to fall off.  After that there were hoops to step through, another tighter net to crawl under, hurdles to jump over, a camouflage net to crawl under and yet more hoops to step through.

The last activity was a bushcraft session where we learnt how to start a fire and then to keep it alight.  It ended with us roasting marshmallows on it which was great.

We had an amazing day and we got the full experience as it rained and we got really muddy.  Afterwards we had to wash ourselves down in the cloakroom and we were very sorry that we left such a mess for Mr Crouch and the cleaning ladies to clean up after us.  But it was the best thing ever that we have had in school so far.

Isaac and Jack
Year 5