Enfield Primary Schools Borough Athletics

Last week, about 25 of us took part in the Enfield Primary Schools Borough Athletics competition which was held at the Lee Valley Athletics Center.  If we had wanted to compete, we took part in races in school and then the fastest of us were chosen for the Borough competition which was for anybody in the juniors.  We had lots of practice, mainly in the lunch breaks, and those of us in the Athletics Club were able to practise then as well.

There were lots of different races with many different schools in Enfield.  The various races included sprint, hurdles and the relay.  The competition started off with Y3 hurdles and one of our team won the race, and then we won another race.  It was so exciting.  We were screaming out for St Paul’s and chanting and jumping up and down.  It was great.

At the end of each race, the winner was presented with a medal, but we didn’t know who had won the whole competition until the very end when all the points had been added up.  Last year, we came second and had lost by only one point.  This year, right at the end of the event just as we were going home, we found out that we had won (by one point).


Jessica and Noah
Year 6