Friendship week

This week it has been Friendship Week at St Paul’s. It used to be called anti bullying week but it changed because friendship is nicer. The whole point is to learn to be a better friend and a better person.

The week started with Odd Socks Day. This was a chance for everyone to show that we are different and we are all unique. Our socks were different colours, some of us wore football socks and some of us wore one sock up and one sock down. But we also showed friendship as some of us swopped socks with each other to ensure that we all had odd socks.

Then we had Teamwork Tuesday. The eight St Paul’s sports captains organised games for the rest of the school for play and fun based on teamwork. We had a game called Human Knot, which is where we stand in a circle and form ourselves into knots which have to be untied. Other games included an assault course and a 3-legged race. All the year groups were teamed with a different year group which ensured that the older children were patient and looked after the younger children. Even though it was raining and cold, we all had fun together.

Well-being Wednesday followed where the whole school learnt about on-line safety. The talks were all targeted for different age groups and the Year 6 talk was about safety on all the different devices and social media that we would come across in secondary schools. St Paul’s was the first school that received this special Year 6 talk and we learnt how to make sure that we had all the right privacy settings on the most popular social media platforms. We were also taught how to recognise fake bios and how to ensure that any videos that we made did not reveal our own identity.

Today we attended a church service at St Paul’s which focussed on friendship. Father Daniel got over his message to us using his glove puppet, Father Bear, about Jesus being our main friend who is always with us and that He would forgive us if we were not friendly at all times with Him.

We think that this Friendship Week has been a massive benefit for us all and has been a great success. We in Year 6 are being prepared to leave the St Paul’s School bubble so that we can learn how to deal with what the future has for us.

Evelyn and Peter
Year 6