Gardening Club

Mrs Gunn runs the gardening club.  We meet every Monday after school, but not in the winter.  At the moment we have 10 members in our club, but it is growing as it is so popular.

There are pots outside the school front door and we plant flowers in them.  There is a garden at the top of the field where we plant vegetables and herbs.  There is also a greenhouse where we look after seedlings before we plant them out.

The crops that we are growing are salads which include radishes, beetroot, peppers and chillies.  We are growing lots of herbs – basil, rosemary and sage.  We have strawberries, runner beans, chillies, marigolds, sunflowers and there is an apple tree and pear tree in our garden.  When these have grown, we share the food out and we also give some to the Year 6 barbecue.

At the club, we do lots of weeding and we break up the soil when it is in lumps.  This makes the crops grow better.  We have tried keeping netting over the plants to try and stop the birds and the garden pests from eating them, but this has not always been successful.  We do not use pest killer because we don’t want to harm any wildlife which might eat it.

We take it in turn to water the plants every day, although we don’t water them if it is raining.  We have to be very careful with the pot plants to make sure that we don’t overwater them.

We love being in the gardening club.  We are allowed to work in the garden every day during our break times.  It is a real privilege.

Jessica and Lillie
Year 5