Good-bye St Paul’s from Year 6

We have some wonderful memories of our time in St Paul’s. We remember HYMB where we did many activities such as swimming and boating. A really fun activity was caving. It involved us in teamwork as we had to help each other through difficult obstacles and then we had to find our own way out which was quite complicated and involved us in group discussion, negotiation and decision-making. We stayed at the Youth Hostel overnight where we had great food and a disco.

Another wonderful memory was the junior production where we performed ‘Scrooge’. It was great fun and our parents really enjoyed the show as well.

The highlight of our time at St Paul’s is the school journey. We feel we have gained a lot of confidence as we stayed away from home for nearly a week. We got to know the other Year 6 class really well and have made some good friends. One of our favourite outings was to Monkeyworld. When we got back we enjoyed the 3-D model-making which gave us a chance to work together again.

We have many activities now as we approach the end of term. We have a leavers service at St Paul’s Church where we sing many songs and give thanks for our time at school. We will be singing ‘Sing’ which is the song that we sang when we were in Reception. Another song is ‘I turn to you’ which is a song to our parents. Both these songs are emotional and we may well cry.

There will be a leavers assembly where some pupils will receive awards. We will also be having a picnic followed by a disco in the school hall which we are looking forward to.

Our very last time at school will be spent in the quadrangle where we will be saying our final good-byes, signing each others’ shirts and thanking all the staff for providing a happy and safe school community for us. This will be a really sad time for us and it will be very emotional. But we are looking forward to our secondary schools and meeting new people. The next chapter in our lives will not be the same as St Paul’s but it will be exciting and we will still remain in touch with our friends.

Good-bye St Paul’s and thank you for this amazing journey we have been on with you.

Hannah and Lola
Year 6