Harvest Festival

We celebrate Harvest Festival every year to thank God for our food and yesterday we went to church for our Harvest Festival service.

Firstly, we sang a song and the school banner was taken up to the front of the church.  Then some of us in Year 5 read out our poems which we had written in class.  During the next song, some Year 1 children took baskets of fruit up to the altar.

Father Stephen talked to us about food and asked us which food we liked.  Everybody seemed to like pizza as they put their hands up.  Not many people liked Brussel sprouts but everybody liked chocolate, except those who are allergic.  Some of us were actually given food to hold.

Then some of us in Year 2 went to the front of the church and read out prayers which we had been given.  Then everybody said the Lord’s prayer.

The school banner was returned when we sang our favourite song “Cauliflowers are fluffy”.  After the service was finished, we walked back to school.

We bring food into school at Harvest Festival time which is given to a food bank.  We really enjoyed the service and we are really pleased that someone will enjoy the food that we bring in.

Cicely and Kimi                                                  Ciara and Julian
Year 2                                                                    Year 5