Infant production

Our show this year is Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have been rehearsing for about five weeks and we’ve all had lines to learn, including those of us who are in the choir. 

The play is about Jack and his mother who live on a farm and they were very poor.  One day Jack’s mother says they have got to sell Daisy, their cow.  Jack is very miserable and he goes to market and sells Daisy for five colourful beans!  He is very excited and runs back home but his mother is so angry and outraged she throws the beans out of the window.  The animals on the farm are afraid because they don’t know what is going to happen next so they make Jack a bed and do a cow dance and the choir sings ‘Man in the moon’.  The beanstalk grows and grows right up into the sky and Jack climbs it and arrives at the giant’s castle.  The giant shouts ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’ but Jack manages to steal a gold coin, a golden egg and a magic harp.  The giant chases Jack down the beanstalk, but is knocked off the beanstalk by the horse, and Jack, his mother and all the animals live happily ever after. 

We now have learnt all our lines and we’ve got our costumes and are ready to perform.  We will perform to the juniors first and then we will have three shows for our parents.  The play is very exciting and we are enjoying it, but some of us are a bit nervous about doing the actual performance. 

Ethan and Sienna
Year 2