Infant sports day

Last Monday we had sports day.  We had lots of different races.  Some of us took part in the in the sack race.  We had to hop in the sack all the way to the finish and some of us fell over.  We had a sprint race when we went at full speed to get to the finish line and tried to run faster than everyone else.

Another race was the bean bag throw where we had to throw a bean bag as far as we could.  There was also a race to pick up bean bags and put them in a bucket and there were lots of relay races

Radcliffe were the winners but everyone congratulated them as we shouldn’t be sore losers.  Our mums and dads were watching us and afterwards they came and picked us up from the classroom.

Sports day was really enjoyable and really funny and we had a great time.

Gabrielle and Joseph
Year 2