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National Curriculum Assessment Results

2019 Key Stage 2 School Level Data

Key Stage 2 School and National Level Data       

These tables show the percentage of Year 6 children at St Paul’s CE Primary School achieving each level, compared to national end of Key Stage 2 teacher assessment levels and test results. The scores shown in bold are the results for St Paul’s. The other scores represent 2019 national teacher assessment and test result data.

Figures may not total 100 per cent because of rounding.


St Paul’s CE Primary School KS2 2019
  Writing SPG Reading Maths Science
WTS 5-9% 4-7% 2-3% 5-9%
EXS 31-53% 18-31% 23-40% 35-60%
GDS 27-47% 35-60% 31-53% 21-36%
Met 58-100% 53-91% 54-93% 56-97% 58-100% 53-91%
High 27-47% 35-60% 31-53% 21-36% 13-22%
National Average 78% 78% 73% 79% 65%
Average Scaled Score 111 109 108
National Average Scaled Score 106 104 105


PK = Pre Key Stage

WTS = Working Towards Standard

EXS = Expected Standard

GDS = Greater Depth Standard

TA = Teacher Assessment

SPG = Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

RWM = Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined