Charging and Remissions Policy




This Charging and Remissions Policy informs staff and parents about charging for school activities.  It conforms to the requirements of sections 449-462 of the Education Act 1996 and the DfE advice contained in ‘Charging for school activities’, October 2014.In accordance with these requirements the school:

  • Will not charge for books, materials, equipment and transport provided during school hoursbytheLocalAuthority(LA)orbytheschooltocarrypupils betweentheschoolandanactivity.
  • Will not charge for any activities which take place in School time, apart from instrumental tuition for individual pupils or pupils in groups of up to four.
  • May charge for School-Time activities by inviting parents and others to make voluntary contributions to enable School funds go further. Children of parents who do not contribute will not be treated differently from those who do make contributions
  • Will have the right to cancel an activity if there are insufficient voluntary contributions to make the activity possible.
  • May charge for board and lodgings on residential courses, except for pupils whose parents are receiving:
    • Universal Credit in prescribed circumstances;
    • Income Support
    • Income Based Jobseekers Allowance
    • Support under part VI of the Immigration an Asylum Act 1999
    • Child Tax Credit, provided that Working Tax Credit is not also received and the family’s income (as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) does not exceed £16,010(Financial Year 2014/15);
    • The guarantee element of State Pension Credit;
    • An income related employment and support allowance that was introduced on 27 October;
    • The Headteacher will inform parents of the right to claim free activities if they are receiving these benefits.
  • May permit organisations to charge parents when such an organisation is acting independently of the School or the LEA, to arrange an activity to take place during school hours and parents want their children to join in the activity.
  • May charge for activities (optional extras), which happen outside School hours when these activities are not necessary part of the National Curriculum.
  • Parents are asked to make a contribution towards replacing damaged or lost school property caused wilfully or negligently by their children.
  • The Governors will review the lettings charges levied by the school on an annual basis.
  • This policy will be reviewed annually by the finance committee at their first meeting following the re-formation of the governing body in the autumn term prior to it being submitted to the full governing body.