Pupil Finishing Times on Thursday 22nd July

1:20 pm      Reception & Year 3
1:25 pm       Year 1 & Year 4
1:30 pm      Year 2 & Year 5


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Please remember to maintain social distancing when you pick up/drop off your child.

St Paul’s Extra Club

St Paul’s School runs a breakfast and after-school club, which is managed by Mrs Drew. The breakfast session starts at 7.45 am until staff are on duty in the playground at 8.35 am and offers a breakfast including cereals, toast, bagels, fresh fruit, yogurts and fruit juice. The after school session runs until 5.45 pm and offers toast/sandwiches, fresh fruit, milk and water. The cost of the morning session is £6.00 and the afternoon session is £12.00.

Children are accommodated in three rooms and have access to the following facilities:football

Crafts and colouring, Lego/Duplo/train tracks, dressing up, chess, computers and tablets, TV/film, reading/homework areas, outdoor play – weather permitting

The Extra Club is currently full and operates a waiting list. Please contact Mrs Drew by email at extraclub@st-pauls.enfield.sch.uk  for an application form or further details.

Extra Club Admissions and Fees Policy

St Paul’s Breakfast and After-School Clubs are committed to providing a fair and open admission system that offers a competitively priced and good value service.

  • When a parent/carer contacts the Club enquiring about a place for their child, they will be given all the relevant information, including an application form and the Admissions and Fees policy, and informed of whether there is currently a suitable place available for their child.
  • If a suitable place is available the parent/carer and, where possible, the child will be invited to visit the Club and speak to members of staff. If the parent/carer agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions of admission, including the level of fees and arrangements for payment, they will be asked to complete and sign the Application Form to confirm their child’s place.
  • Once the admission is secure, the parent/carer concerned will be contacted to arrange a date for the child’s first session at the Club.
  • If, on making an enquiry about a place for their child, a parent/carer is informed that there is not currently a suitable one available, the Club’s waiting list procedure will be explained and then activated on the parent/carer’s behalf.
  • Parents/carers will be required to complete an Application Form  Application Form indicating the days they wish their child to attend. The details of this request will be placed on the waiting list, in the order that they are submitted.
  • To ensure that admissions to the Club are offered on a fair basis, the following procedure will apply to the management of waiting lists and places will be offered in the following order:
    • Siblings
    • Current attendees
    • Next on waiting list
  • If the parent/carer concerned no longer wishes to take up a place, the parent/carer of the next suitable child on the list will be contacted.
  • Parents/carers are required to give 1 months’ notice if they no longer require a place for their child at the Club, or change their regular day.

Behaviour Policy

All children are expected to behave well and show good manners while attending the Extra Club in line with the behaviour policy and expectations for the school day. As parents support the school in dealing with behavioural issues we look forward to the same type of support in Extra Club. The Extra Club staff will always positively reinforce and model good behaviour and manners to encourage and support children to behave well (as is implemented during the school day).

Should there be persistent issues with a child’s behaviour during the Extra Club sessions the following steps will be taken:

  • Following any incidents of poor behaviour, the child will be given a warning by a member of Extra Club staff.
  • Should the behaviour not improve a member of staff of the Extra Club will talk to the parents of the child asking them to reinforce the importance of good behaviour at the Extra Club with their child.
  • If the poor behaviour continues the child will be sent to Mrs Batsford and this will trigger a letter home to the parents. Should 3 such incidents occur during the school year the child’s place at Extra Club will be withdrawn.


  • The cost of providing a high quality, safe and stimulating service for children is not inexpensive and to ensure the continued high standards and sustainability of the Club, it must ask that parents/carers respect its policy in respect of fees.
  • The level of fees will be set by the Governors and Headteacher and reviewed annually: The fee per Breakfast club session (7.45am to 8.35am) is currently £6.00. The fee per After School session (3.25pm until 5.45pm) is currently £12.00.
  • All Club users need to have been pre-registered and a £20 registration fee paid in advance.
  • Payment of fees should be made monthly in advance, payable on receipt of invoice.
  • If there is availability, children may attend the Extra Club on an ad hoc basis, this would incur an additional charge of £1 per session. All booked sessions are to be paid for.
  • All payments are non-refundable, and child absences and holidays taken within term-time are to be paid for.
  • If you foresee a planned absence (eg medical appointment) one month’s notice is required otherwise the session will be charged for.lego

Late Payment

  • If full payment has not been received after 30 days from the invoice issue date a £20 late payment fee will be charged. If full payment is not received within the next 30 days your child will automatically be withdrawn from the club.
  • Any invoices unpaid after this point will be referred to the Governing Body.

Late Collection

  • If you are aware that you are going to be late due to an unavoidable delay, eg trains or traffic, please contact a friend/neighbour/relative who is in a position to collect your child. Please ensure you contact the Extra Club to advise of any changes in pick up.
  • Late collection of children will incur a fine of £5.00 per child for each 5 minutes (eg 5 minutes late – £5, 10 minutes late £10, 15 minutes late £15 and so on). After four late collections in a term your child’s place will be withdrawn from the Extra Club.


  • If your child is not attending their afternoon session of the Extra Club it is vital that you let school know in advance. A register is taken when the children arrive in the club and in the afternoon there is a list of all children who attend after school activities within the school. However, if a child does not arrive after school finishes as they have, for example, a play date, time is then spent looking for that child and finding out where they are.lodges


  • Occasionally films are shown during the afternoon session, these can be a ‘PG’ certificate. These are carefully selected by the adults in charge.
  • St Paul’s School reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of membership of the Extra Club by giving prior notice to parents.
  • The best way to contact Mrs Drew is by email extraclub@st-pauls.enfield.sch.uk or text 07734 979961.

February 2020