This year in PSHE we have started a new scheme, which the whole school is doing, called Jigsaw. Each class has a jigsaw piece and they are all different colours. Some classes have jigsaw pieces which are shaped like animals.

There are various different exercises we do in the Jigsaw lessons. One is where we have to think about a special place. The teacher uses a chime and we have to calm our minds and think about our place until the sound of the chime ends. The teacher puts pictures of examples up on the wall, eg a river or a garden or a car, but we can just think of our own special place as long as it’s peaceful. We have our eyes shut, our feet flat on the floor and our hands on our tummies to help us relax.

Another exercise was a worry spiral where we had to write down our worries, eg moving onto secondary school, SATs, leaving our friends. We’ve also had to write down our targets and dreams on some bunting-type flags.

One exercise, which was fun, was a cross between bingo and noughts and crosses. We had some questions in 3 lines with 3 questions in each line. We had to answer them and then we had to find out from others in the class what answers they had and see if we could match them and try and get a line. There were all sorts of questions, eg favourite food, worst school uniform colour, worst TV show, which sport we would like to win a medal in.

Jigsaw lessons usually takes place after lunch on a Friday afternoon, which is a good time because we have been rushing around in the lunch break and we are also tired from a week’s hard work. The activities are fun and enjoyable, particularly as there are no wrong answers, unlike in maths!

Amelia, Jackie, Kimi and Yasmina
Years 4 and 6