Lost and Found


This term, our project for English is making up a story based on a book. First we read the book “Lost and Found” which is about a boy who finds a penguin who is lost. He takes the penguin to the South Pole but then he finds the penguin is not lost, just lonely.

The story that we are making up starts with us choosing where we find the penguin. We will be taking him to the South Pole and first we have to decide what we are going to pack in our suitcase, so we write down what things we are taking and what they are for. Some of us have decided to pack things like food, water, an umbrella and raincoat.

Then we will be rowing down to the South Pole and we will be stopping in other countries to show the penguin around. We did our plan today and we will be writing out our story tomorrow.

We like making up stories and we are enjoying this project very much.

Hannah and Zack
Year 2