Yesterday, we were visited by the Young Shakespeare Company. They went through the story of Macbeth. We were given roles to play and act out and we had labels so that we all knew which parts we were playing. The king and the queen also had crowns. We were told our lines which we repeated and they were the original words as written by Shakespeare.  One of our favourite lines we can remember – “Double, double, toil and trouble.”

We had to think about the setting and picture it in our heads. We had to imagine what would happen next. We were divided into two and one side of the room had to think about the thoughts and feelings of Macbeth and the other side of the room were asked to think about the thoughts and feelings of Lady Macbeth.

We really enjoyed the experience. We had to use our own imagination which brought it alive for us and we really felt in the zone.

Ariana, Douglas and Louis
Year 6