Making Greek pots

We have been studying the Ancient Greeks in a cross-curricular project.  We have been looking into the history of Ancient Greece and learning about Greek myths and symbols.

In Art we drew out some patterns and symbols representing myths and Greek gods on paper ready to decorate our pots.

Today, we were actually making the pots.  We had clay which we pressed into a circle for the base.  Then we rolled out some more clay into sausage shapes and built the pot up from the base with them.  We blended the rolls of clay to make the sides smooth.  We had to make the lip of the pots strong so they could take the weight of the handles.

We will mark our designs on the pots tomorrow ready for glazing and then they will go into the kiln.  Afterwards they will go on display and we will take them home one day.

Abbie, Josh, Mia-Gabrielle and Oscar
Year 5