Maths story book week

Maths story book week is when every year group in the school reads a different book that is about maths and the book for Year 3 was “How big is a million?” 

This was about a penguin who asked his mum how big is a million and she told him to search for a million to find out.  He looked everywhere and he found 10 fish, 100 penguins and 1,000 snowflakes, but he couldn’t find a million.  He went back home and told his mum and she said look up at the sky and so he found a million stars. 

The book had an envelope at the back of it and in it was a sheet of paper which was a picture of the penguin and his mum looking up at the sky at night with all the stars. 

We really enjoyed the story and it made us understand that a million is a really big number. 

After the story, our maths lesson was about estimating numbers.  We had a jar containing marbles, a cup of raisins, a cup of paper fasteners and pens in a box.  We then had to estimate the numbers in each of the containers.  Mr Butterworth then counted out the marbles, raisins, paper fasteners and pens and we could see how close we were in our estimation. 

We thought the maths lessons was really good and we learnt a lot about estimating. 

Cicely and Leo
Year 3