Maths Story Book Week

We’ve had a really great week.  Each year group had a book that included a concept of maths and during the week we worked on the maths associated with the story.

In Year 6 our teachers chose Titanic, so we learnt not only about the ship, but also worked on maths within the story.  For example, maths related to the design included circles such as the portholes and ship’s wheel, and cylinders such as the funnels.

We completed random maths associated with the Titanic including learning how much it cost to build.  We made pie charts relating to the number of people who survived and for our homework, we were given calculations to work out. In addition, we either drew the Titanic or made a model and some of our work is on display in the entrance hall.

We learnt many things about the Titanic although we do not know how many passengers it was carrying on that voyage because different sources have different numbers, but we do know that it took only 2 hours and 40 minutes to sink.

We enjoyed learning about the Titanic because the only thing that we knew about it before was that it sank.

Ben and Eden
Year 6