Michael Rosen’s visit

Today Michael Rosen visited us.  We went into the hall and he told us about when he was at school, but with a twist – he said he was in the Stone Age.  He explained different things and told jokes and made us laugh.  He recited some of his poems and he did a lot of sound effects.  He told us about when he was younger and how much he liked chocolate cake.  This was in a poem, but it was also a story.

Y5 and Y6 then went into a workshop where we wrote poems about when the sun went down or what we were doing today.  Then we all worked together to compose one big poem.  The verses were about what we see, what we hear, what we think and the speech that we hear around us.  We gave our ideas to Michael and he put them into lines for the poem.  Afterwards, he signed books for us.

Back in class, we finished our poems and then we decorated them.  All our poems will go into a class poem book.

We enjoyed Michael Rosen’s visit and we thought Michael Rosen was very good and really funny.  He was good at describing things and we liked how he did the noises.

Charlie and Elizabeth
Year 5