Moving to Key Stage 2

When we were in Year 2, we were a bit nervous about moving into Year 3. We were a bit worried because we thought the teachers would be really strict and the lessons really hard and we would have to do lots of different things.

But we really like our teachers – they are a bit stricter, but not really very strict and the lessons are harder, but not too hard, although we do 20 minutes more each day which is a bit more tiring. We do have to work faster now. Before we would get little breaks when we were working to stretch our arms, but now we get less time to relax during lessons.

Most of the subjects are the same although we do more science. There is one extra lesson that we have which is mindfulness colouring, which is supposed to settle us down after a break. We have different coloured exercise books but they are the same inside. In Year 2 we mostly used pencils and crayons but now we use gel pens much more. We still use pencils in our exercise books, but our teacher told us that when our writing is neat enough we will be given a pen licence so that we can use a Uniball pen. We should get this before we move into Year 4.

Our lunch times are shorter. In Year 2 we had playtime, then lunch, then a bit more playtime. But now we go straight into lunch from the lessons, which is better as we don’t get so hungry. The lunch hall is a bit different as we now have to collect our knives and forks when we collect our lunch whereas in Key Stage 1 the tables were all laid out for us. Also we sit in a different place which is nearer the kitchen.

In Key Stage 1 we had fruit and lunch provided for us. But now we have to bring in our own fruit and our parents have to pay for our lunch unless we bring in a packed lunch.

We enjoy being in Key Stage 2 as we feel much older and we are really looking forward to taking part in the junior production which is much bigger than the KS1 production. Also it is in the evening, so we will get to stay up a bit later which is really great!

Finn and Julia
Year 3