Please can all parents check their emails for the latest information from their class teacher on home learning. There are plenty of additional resources on the school website under the drop-down menu School Closure Resources. Keep safe and well!

School Calendar

May 2020
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Mon, 27th Apr Tue, 28th Apr Wed, 29th Apr Thu, 30th Apr Fri, 1st May Sat, 2nd May Sun, 3rd May
Mon, 4th May Tue, 5th May Wed, 6th May Thu, 7th May Fri, 8th May Sat, 9th May Sun, 10th May
Mon, 11th May Tue, 12th May Wed, 13th May Thu, 14th May Fri, 15th May Sat, 16th May Sun, 17th May
Mon, 18th May Tue, 19th May Wed, 20th May Thu, 21st May Fri, 22nd May Sat, 23rd May Sun, 24th May
Mon, 25th May Tue, 26th May Wed, 27th May Thu, 28th May Fri, 29th May Sat, 30th May Sun, 31st May